Screenshot & GIF Recorder

Capture, edit and share your screen, quicker and easier than ever before. From selected area GIFs to full webpage screenshots, we have you covered.
The future of screen capturing is here with

Tons of features

Simple and intuitive capture

Capture any part of your screen with a single click. Enjoy features like full-page screenshots, desktop recording, selected area recordings, and browser screenshots—all in one tool. Screen capture has never been easier.

Powerful editing

Annotate screenshots and recordings with shapes, arrows, and text. Crop selected areas, cover sensitive information, and highlight important sections. Customize your edits with various colors, undo/redo options, and speed adjustments. Create professional captures effortlessly.

Seamless workflow

Save, download, upload & share a link, or copy captures to your clipboard. Easily integrate them into projects or share them with others. Chrome Capture streamlines your workflow, making access and distribution of visuals quick and easy. Sharing and collaborating has never been simpler.

Lightweight and efficient

Chrome Capture is a screen capture browser extension that doesn't require downloading or installing an application. It operates smoothly without slowing down your browser or computer, as it is fine-tuned for performance and has a small file size.

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